Ruger SP101 8-Shot .22LR

Ruger sent me their new .22 Long Rifle SP101.  In years past they had produced 6-shot .22 SP101’s, this new model carries an 8 holed cylinder.  .22 Short, .22 Long and .22 shot cartridges can also be fired from this revolver.

Included in box: Instruction manual, action locking device and a single pre-fired cartridge case.

I have to admit it is an attractive little revolver.


Revolver specs:

Manufacturer:  Sturm, Ruger & Co.
Model:  SP101
Caliber:  .22 Long Rifle
Capacity:  8 rounds
Weight:  30.4 oz.
Barrel:  4 3/16 in.
Twist:  1:16″ RH (mfr)
Grooves:  6 (mfr)
Material:  Stainless Steel
Trigger pull:  DA-11 lbs. 4.5 oz./SA-3 lbs. 14.4 oz.


Medium/Heavy profile barrel

Ruger’s enduring SP101 frame.


Rubber grip with checkered wood insert.

This insert gives it a distinctive appearance.

(L)Rear sight is both elevation and windage adjustable – (R)Front sight is a dovetailed fiber-optic

Aggressively knurled hammer

Smooth trigger


Crane latch/Cylinder release – 8 chamber cylinder

That sure beats 5 or 6 shots.


Five pull average of 3 lbs 14.4 oz. – SA
(Lyman digital gauge)

Disassembly pin is housed beneath the right grip insert.



 With 8 shots instead of 6 this ought to be fun to shoot.  Can’t wait to get to the range and run some ammo through it.


Range report

Federal and CCI was the ammo grabbed for the maiden test.  It’s hot as hell here in Texas right now, temperature was 102° when we first arrived and by the time we left it was 106°.

First things first. Wanted to see what velocities were capable out of this 4 incher.

Shooting Chrony F-1 Master set at 10 ft.

Firing pin strikes appear sufficient


Velocity results:

Federal Value Pack 36 gr. CPHP ….. 1033 fps.
CCI Mini-Mag 36 gr. CPHP ………….. 1054 fps.


Shelby at 3 yards

Shelby is 11 years of age and this was her first experience with a handgun.  She enjoyed shooting the SP101 and did exceptionally well for her first time.


After she shot countless rounds I wanted to get a little time with it.

7 yards – Two 8 shot groups with CCI, offhand

7 yards – Two 16 shot groups with Federal, offhand

20 yards – (L) 8 shot group with Federal; (R) 8 shot group with CCI, benched.

 .I have to say it is a fun handgun to shoot.  The weight and balance made handling effortless.  The rubber and checkered wood grip gave a secure hold even with sweaty palms.  Target acquisition was easily acquired with the use of the fiber-optic front sight.  We didn’t keep a round count but were well past 100 rounds and less than 650 without any malfunctions whatsoever.  Accuracy is acceptable, but I believe I could have shrunk my group sizes a bit if the trigger would have been textured somewhat as my sweaty finger kept sliding across the smooth surface.  Another issue was the weight it took to cock the hammer, some with less strength could find it strenuous.  Other than that, this SP101 will make for a fun plinker or to teach the novice and youth handgun fundamentals.

Overall it is well designed and in keeping with Ruger standards – built like a tank.