Ruger SR45

Ruger sent their SR45 for a T&E review.  This double-stack magazine, striker-fired pistol is chambered for the .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) centerfire cartridge.  It is offered with either a brushed stainless steel or a black nitride treated alloy steel slide – I received the former.


Included in box:  Instruction manual, two 10-round magazines, a magazine loading tool, padlock, and one pre-fired .45 ACP centerfire cartridge case.




Pistol specs:

.                                                                                     Manufacturer:  Sturm, Ruger & Co.
.                                                                                     Model:  KSR45
.                                                                                     Caliber:  .45 Auto (.45 ACP)
.                                                                                     Capacity:  10+1
.                                                                                     Weight:  30.2 oz. w/mag
.                                                                                     Length:  8.125 in.
.                                                                                     Height:  5.75 in.
.                                                                                     Width:  1.261 in. (safety included)
.                                                                                     Barrel:  4.508 in.
.                                                                                     Trigger:  5 lbs.  4.5 oz.


SR45-4     SR45-5

Rear & front adjustable 3-dot sights.
SR45-6     SR45-7

Loaded chamber indicator
SR45-8     SR45-9

Finely checkered glass-filled nylon grip frame   –   Frontstrap   –   Reversible backstrap (flat or arched)
SR45-10     SR45-11     SR45-12   SR45-13

Slide stop and ambidextrous safety (disengaged & engaged)
SR45-14     SR45-15

Trigger safety   –   Trigger pull average (Lyman digital gauge): 5 lbs. 4.5 oz.
SR45-16     SR45-17

Ambidextrous magazine release   –   Accessory rail   –   Muzzle
SR45-18     SR45-19     SR45-20

Disassembled for cleaning and familiarization

Frame innards   –   Slide bottom   –   Breech detail   –   Feed ramp
SR45-22     SR45-23     SR45-24     SR45-25

SR45-26Being familiar with the Ruger SR-series pistols, the SR45 has the same basic appearance and operational characteristics as the 9mm Parabellum and .40 S&W caliber models.  Featuring a streamlined slide with a heavy duty extractor, ambi manual safety and mag release on the lightweight polymer frame with the magazine’s flush-fit floorplate providing a full length grip.  Along with the trigger safety and a loaded chamber indicator it’s also equipped with a magazine disconnect; the magazine has to be in place to fire.  Be that as it may after retrieving it from the box I couldn’t help but notice its slim grip.  My first impression was this .45 Auto couldn’t be a double-stack pistol as it feels more like a single-stack, but upon dropping the mag I verified that it was in fact a staggered 10-rounder. Impressive.  A range test is eagerly anticipated.


Range report:

Temperature was 60°F and sunny.  5-10 MPH south wind.  Federal, Double Tap, Freedom Munitions, and Winchester ammunition was accumulated for the test.

SR45-27     SR45-28


 Velocity results were first priority.

Shooting Chrony F-1 Master set at 10 ft.   –   Primer strikes appear sufficient
SR45-30     SR45-31


Velocity results:

.                                                                   Federal American Eagle 45 Auto 230 gr. FMJ…….806 fps
.                                                                   Double Tap .45 ACP 230 gr. FMJ-FP……………….910 fps
.                                                                   Freedom Munitions 45 Auto 230 gr. RN (remfg)…..741 fps
.                                                                   Winchester 45 Auto 185 gr. Silvertip HP……………921 fps


25 yds:

5-round groups were fired from a bench at 25 yards.

Federal A.E.   –   Double Tap   –   Freedom Munitions   –   Winchester
SR45-32     SR45-33     SR45-34     SR45-35

Note:  Targets’ Bullseye – 2″ dia.;  middle ring – 4″ dia.;  outer – 6″ dia.
B-27  Silhouette
5-round groups – offhand
SR45-36Head:  Federal – 3 yds.
Left: Winchester – 5 yds. / Right: Freedom Munitions – 5 yds.
X :  Double Tap – 7 yds.

SR45-37WOW – I was not expecting the accuracy results of this range test.  With nice weather and little wind at the range this pistol did not disappoint. Of the ammunition brands tested at 25 yards both Double Tap and Federal yielded the tightest groups with an impressive 1.370″ and 1.620″ groups (respectively) followed by Freedom Munitions at 2.177″ and Winchester with a respectable 2.855″.  Hitting the human silhouette up close was effortless.  Slapping steel at varying distances was easily accomplished.

Through approximately 180 rounds it was malfunction-free.  I did, however, experience three or four failures to lock the slide open on an empty mag from the bench, which I will contribute to me “limp wristing”, a not-so-uncommon occurrence with striker-fired polymer framed pistols if not held tightly.  While standing and shooting offhand it functioned flawlessly.

The  trigger pull is probably the best I have ever felt from a factory striker-fired pistol, which I’m sure helped contribute to the gun’s accuracy. There was no slack before a short amount of take-up to fully cock the striker followed by a sharp break.  Again, very nice for a striker-fired type trigger.  The full-sized frame and extraordinarily slim grip provided for secure purchase and control during rapid fire.  Of the two backstrap profile options I prefer the flat; its rubberized texture has a tacky feel – which I also liked.  All manual controls were within easy reach with no shifting needed.  Both the safety and mag release were readily actuated whether firing strong or week handed.  And the large white dot front sight offered quick target acquisition.

Overall my impression of the SR45 is highly favorable.  This large bore Ruger is a formidable performer and deadly accurate at defensive ranges.